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How do I track the cancellation metrics for my subscription product?

You can check all the metrics for your subscription products in a section of Hotmart called Subscription Cancellations. There, you will find relevant data on subscription cancellations for the best management of your business.

Steps to find cancellation metrics: 

  1. Log in to Hotmart through this link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. Click on Subscriptions in the left side menu. Also in the left side menu, the option will appear for Cancellations.
  3. Click on Cancellations
  4. Then, on the right side, a screen with several metrics about the cancellations of the subscription product will appear. 
  5. In order for the Producer to segment the information on the new metrics screen according to what is most interesting for their business, it’s necessary to use the option Filters

Through Filters, you can select: 

  • Period. Attention: the period of the last 30 days is automatically selected, but you can choose another date. 
  • Subscription products.
  • Plans.
  • Offers.

Producers can also select more than one option in each filter field at the same time. For example, it’s possible to filter cancellation data for 3 products simultaneously.

What will you find in this new section?

If you are following the steps, you’ve already seen that the new screen is full of data. Let's understand some more details of what information the Producers can find.

  • General cancellation information: in Cancellation it’s possible to check the number of subscriptions that were canceled during the period selected in the filter. In Cancellation Fee, you can analyze the number of subscriptions that were canceled during the selected period, divided by the total number of current subscriptions (with on-time payments and overdue). 
  • Graph of evolution of the cancellation rate: comparison of the result of the cancellation rate within the selected period. On the X axis, you can find the period in days or months and on the Y axis, the rate value.
  • Graph of cancellation origins: comparison between the total of cancellations in the selected period and the origin of each one. The options are: Canceled by the Customer, Canceled by the Administrator and Canceled by the Seller.
  • Overview table of cancellations: table with general data for each of the days in the selected period. Here are data such as the day each data refers to, total number of subscriptions that were active (with the last charge paid), overdue (those with at least the last charge with payment not made or declined) and canceled. In addition, the cancellation fee and the cancellation origins for each day are also displayed.
  • Average LT: LT, Lifetime, is a metric that indicates how long the customer stayed with an active subscription. In the Average LT, it is possible to view, in months, the average time that the subscribers remained before canceling.
  • Average paid recurrences: Average number of payments your subscribers usually make before canceling their subscriptions.
  • Average LTV Chart: LTV (lifetime value) is a business metric that estimates the net life earnings of each of its customers. The graph shows the average net value of subscribers during the time that subscriptions were active. The amounts are represented by each currency in which it’s currently possible to withdraw commissions (BRL = Real, USD = Dollars, EUR = Euro and GBP = British Pounds).
  • Table of canceled subscriptions: it’s possible to view the details of each of the canceled subscriptions within the selected period. Here are data such as name, purchase email and subscription code for each of the customers, date on which the subscription purchase was made and date of cancellation, total recurrences that each subscriber paid for and with which currency the purchase made converted and LTV and LT of each subscriber and who made the cancellation of the purchase.

And there's more!

By clicking on Customize in the upper right corner of the table, it is possible to add information such as the payment method used by the subscriber at the time of purchase, the product and the plan the subscriber used and the cell phone number (if they provided this information at the time of purchase).

What is the option "Understand this screen"? 

There is a lot of information that this screen offers, right? To help the Producers to consult the descriptions of each element and calculations of each metric whenever they want, just click on Understand this screen that is next to the option for Filters.

Keep in mind that the data displayed on the screen has been collected since April 2020 and is updated at intervals of approximately 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support.

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