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How do I offer Klarna Pay Now/SOFORT as a payment method?

The more payment options you offer, the greater the chances of conversion. Hotmart's exclusive payment system allows you to offer several payment methods for international sales. One of them is online bank transfer with Klarna Pay Now/SOFORT.


Producers worldwide can enable Pay Now/SOFORT and sell to buyers in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the UK.


How do I enable Pay Now/SOFORT on my checkout page?

  1. Access your account at https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login  
  2. In the left side menu, select Tools
  3. Click Checkout Settings and enable this payment method
  4. Select the product you wish to link to this payment method
  5. On the next page, enable Bank Transfer with Klarna Pay Now/SOFORT



  • Producers and Buyers do not need to create a Pay Now account to use this payment option.
  • To use this payment method, your buyer must select one of the available banks and perform the authentication.
  • The Buyer's bank account must be authorized to perform online transfers.
  • Hotmart's exclusive payment system (HotPay) is a secure environment for digital product Producers and Buyers. By using Pay Now, Buyers may be taken to another environment, which is also secure. 




  • Purchases made with Pay Now/SOFORT are not subject to chargeback, i.e., Buyers cannot challenge the purchase and block the payment.


  • It’s important to point out that, although such cases are rare, a purchase made with Pay Now/SOFORT may go into chargeback status. When this happens, there are two possible reasons: insufficient funds in the Buyer's account; the Buyer's bank did not authorize the transaction.


  • If you identify a chargeback with Pay Now/SOFORT, contact the customer to understand what happened because the chargeback request was certainly not made by them.

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