How do I manage product modules according to Classes?

The products hosted in Hotmart’s Members Area are displayed to students divided into modules and subdivided into pages.

Tip: In order to remember how to create modules and pages for your product, click here.

With the creation of Classes, you can select to which classes you wish to make each module available. You can also create a new module according to your strategy for the students who have arrived in your course through an offer.

To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Select the desired product on the platform and click on  and then Edit
2. Click Access Hotmart Club
3. Find the module you wish to change class availability and click the pencil icon


Important: You can also create a new module to make different versions of your content available by clicking on Add Module

4. On the Modules Editor, select the Classes for which you wish to open the Module


5. Click Save to confirm your changes

Also, learn how to include students manually in the Members Area classes.

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