How do I find my students’ information at Hotmart Club?

Hotmart Club, Hotmart’s free Members Area, enables you to insert your digital course and get to know your students better. Check out below all the information you can find in Hotmart Club’s Users section: 

 Filter your students by content and check out how they are making progress during your course.  

  • Progress: Percentage that indicates student progress.
  • Class: Student performance in a specific class.
  • Page: Students who have or haven’t completed one or more pages of the course.
  • Questionnaire: Students who have or haven’t completed one or more questionnaires or that have a specific profile resulting from a profile questionnaire.

 Understand the access data and filter by:  

  • Purchase date.
  • First and last login.
  • Category: buyer, free, guest or imported.
  • Access: active, blocked, blocked by producer or imported.
  • Access plus: all, owner without dependents, owner with dependents or dependents.

 Filter by user:   

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Language.

 By clicking on a single user, you can check the following:  

  • Progress: The student’s learning progress.
  • Completion: Number of lessons completed and the last lesson that the student accessed.
  • Login: First login date.
  • Engagement: Monitoring of student behavior to understand accesses, progress, performance and interaction.

 In the following video, you can check where you can find all this information:

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