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How do I contact the content’s Producer?

Hotmart is the platform digital Producers use to sell their content! We provide the digital environment, and they are responsible for the information in the product.

If you have purchased a course, ebook, or any other kind of content through Hotmart, and have any questions, you can contact the team that created the content directly.

They are the ones with detailed information to help you out!

To contact the Producer, just access the Sales Page for the product, or use the email address from the order confirmation.

On the Sales Page, the Producer’s email is made available when you fill out the payment information.

And on the order confirmation, you will find the following information:


Product: XXXXX

Seller’s Support email: XXXXXX

Seller: XXXXXX

Date of order: XXXXXX


Would you like to learn more about the role Hotmart plays in your transaction, and the way our business model works? Check out this video! :)

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