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How can I withdraw international sales commissions made in Brazil?

Creators who live outside of Brazil can withdraw commissions to their local bank account for sales made in Brazil.

This solution was developed by Hotmart. It is based on the integration of HotPay, the Hotmart payment suite, with a provider specialized in this type of payment.

Creators who live and pay taxes outside of Brazil can:

 This solution was developed by Hotmart and is based on the integration of HotPay, our payment system, with a provider that specializes in this kind of payment.

With the cross-border, the non-Brazilian Producer, or a Brazilian who resides in a different country and pays taxes in their country of residence, not having a bank account in Brazil, is able to:

1. Register an offer and price in Brazilian Reals (BRL) or other currency.
2. Collect their commission in US Dollars (USD).
3. Cocreators and affiliates will get paid their commission in the same currency as the creator.

 Brazilian buyers can:

1. See the product's price in Reals (BRL) at checkout.
2. Pay with a domestic credit card and/or in installments.

Who can participate?

Creators who live and pay taxes outside of Brazil.

Note: It is not possible for those who live and pay taxes outside of Brazil to affiliate with Brazilian products. This also applies to cocreations.

You can check your account registration country by clicking on your photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on My Account > Personal Information. 

Check the conditions for changing your registered country. 

How can I withdraw my commissions from these types of sales?

1. You can withdraw using Payoneer or HotPay International.

2. See how to make your withdrawal here.

What are the conditions?

  1. If creators want to make installments available to their customers, they need to set up custom installments (installments with interest paid by the creator). If the offer has simple installments (paid by the buyer) registered on the platform, cross-border sales will be enabled, but the installment option will not be available to the buyer. 
  2. On the payment page, the following fields are mandatory for the buyer: Name, Email, ID Number, Full Address, Phone Number.
  3. There is a maximum limit of US$3,000 per month, tracked according to the buyer’s ID number.
  4. In the case of processing cross-border transactions, a fee will be applied to the total value of the transaction to cover operating costs arising from the payment process, which include exchange rates, fees, and other expenses arising from the transaction. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, just contact our Customer Support with the subject cross border. Our team is here to help!

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