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How can I request the cancellation and refund of a purchase made with a local payment method or bank debit?

If you made a purchase via a local payment method or bank debit and want to cancel it and get a refund, keep reading!

Hotmart allows Producers to establish unconditional guarantee terms of 7, 15, or 30 days for their products. So, if you make a purchase and feel dissatisfied with it, you can request a cancellation and a refund if it is within the stipulated guarantee period.

To start this process, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the refund request page here
  2. Enter the transaction code and email used when purchasing.

    Tip: You can find the transaction code for your purchase in the email with your order confirmation. The code consists of 2 letters followed by numbers.

  1. The next step is the Security Check. You will receive a token in your email and you must enter it in the field for Verification code

    Important: the token will be valid for 15 minutes. But, if we have 3 wrong attempts when entering the verification code, the token will be invalidated and the entire process needs to be restarted.
  2. Fill in the reason for the request and additional information
  3. Click Finish
  4. You’ll soon receive an email where you’ll be asked to inform your bank information so we can make the refund.

If your purchase was made by credit card, check out more information here.



Understand what each of the requested fields is:

Select an account: click on the option Add a new account

Select a bank: when entering the initial letters of your bank, wait for the options to load and make sure that you’ve selected one of those shown in the list of banks displayed just below this field. Otherwise, the system identifies the field as not valid. Also, note that there is more than one option for each bank and ensure that you are selecting the correct option.

Account type: choose the current account option or the savings account option;

Account holder: inform the name of the account holder;

Document: inform your ID number (if the account is for an individual) or Business ID number (if you have a corporate account);

Branch: Please provide your bank branch numbers (if your branch has an ID number).

Account: Enter your bank account numbers.

* If you are a Producer or an Affiliate with Hotmart and already have an account registered with Hotmart’s payment system, HotPay, to receive sales commissions, you can use it.


  • It is not necessary to enter characters such as “.” or “-”. If your bank does not have a check digit, enter the number zero in the "DV" field.
  • Do not worry! The digit "0" to the left of the branch and the account will go away.
  1. After filling it out, just confirm and your refund request has been sent.

Ready! Your refund request has been submitted.

How the refund terms work

Once the request is placed, a message is sent directly to the person who sold the product to be analyzed. Then, they have 5 days to release the refund or contact you. 

If they do nothing by the end of that period, don't worry! Our system will automatically forward your request to our staff to carry out the refund. It can take up to three days!

For purchases made via a local payment method or bank debit, the deadline for the amount to be available in the informed account is 7 working days from the date of release of the refund.

The refund will appear on your statement as a negative entry listed as HOTMART, PAYPAL, or the product name. Generally, card operators return payments in installments in three ways:

  • The card operator returns the amount already paid in the form of credit on your statement and does not charge the remaining installments.
  • The operator returns the TOTAL amount of the purchase in the form of credit on your statement and maintains the collection of the other installments (the value of the return and collection are canceled).
  • The card operator advances the collection of all installments on your statement and returns the total amount of the purchase.

Did you buy with a credit card? So, read How do I request a cancellation and refund for a credit card purchase?

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