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1. What is Hotmart Journey?

Hotmart Journey is the gamification of the customer journey within Hotmart. There are two possible tracks: the track that takes into account performance over a 12-month period, Hotmart Stars, and the track that takes into account the customer's history over time, in which each milestone achieved is celebrated with NFTs , the famous Black Boxes and Helmet, called Hotmart Legacy. 

In this track, the focus is on the legacy, when each chapter of the story represents a milestone related to the customer's total sales commission value, throughout their lifetime on the platform. Once customers reach a sales milestone, they earn rewards like exclusive NFTs, Black Boxes, and the Space Helmet Cosmos I, depending on where they are in the journey.

2. How to participate?

Participation is automatic. The moment a customer registers and activates a product within the platform, their journey begins. On the Hotmart Legacy track, he reaches the first stage: Hotmart Project. From this moment on, the customer's sales begin to be counted so that he reaches the second stage: Hotmart Build.

3. How do I reach a new milestone on the Hotmart Legacy track?

The customer achieves a new milestone when he reaches a specific commission value for each of the steps:


Hotmart Earth Chapter:

- Hotmart Build - BRL 100 thousand in commission

- Hotmart Spaceship - BRL 250 thousand in commission

- Hotmart Mission - BRL 500 thousand in commission


Hotmart Milkyway Chapter:

- Hotmart BlackOne - BRL 1 million in commission

- Hotmart BlackMoon - BRL 5 million in commission

- Hotmart BlackVenus - BRL 10 million in commission

- Hotmart BlackSun - BRL 25 million in commission

- Hotmart BlackSirius - BRL 100 million in commission


Hotmart Cosmos Chapter:

- Cosmos I - BRL 250 million in commission

- Cosmos II - To be defined

- Cosmos III - To be defined

4. What is commission? How is it defined?

Commission means the total revenue obtained by the customer from approved sales of products registered on the platform. Company fees and commissions for affiliates and/or co-producers are already deducted from this amount.

5. How do I know which step of the Hotmart Legacy track I am on?

It is necessary to check your total commission value within the Hotmart platform, in the 'Sales' - 'Total' menu. It is important to select the entire period, from the first sale to the current date, to view the total value of commissions. The commission information in the report has a 24-hour update period in the system, from the date of the sale.

6. About Hotmart Legacy, after achieving a new milestone, when will I receive my rewards?

The NFTs are automatically sent within 60 days to the customer's wallet in the Hotmart App. When they are available, the customer is notified by email.

In the case of Black Boxes, customers who have account managers will receive the reward at the address registered on the platform as soon as the new milestone has been reached. The Hotmart team can contact you to confirm information or clarify doubts about the delivery of items.

For customers who do not have account managers, they must request the reward through the Help Center.

7. How do I request my Black Box?

Upon reaching a new milestone in commissions, customers who do not have an account manager can request their Black Box by accessing the Hotmart.com website, going to the 'Help Center' menu and clicking on the 'Contact Us' button. Click on 'I'm a producer' and the reason for contacting me: Questions > Hotmart Plates (Black Box). In the form, the customer must fill in his data and the delivery address (Name, Email address, Producer Name, Producer Individual Taxpayer's Register (CPF) or Corporate Taxpayer's Register (CNPJ), Number of bracelets (number of partners), and full address for shipping.

After sending this information, the Hotmart team will receive the order and forward your Black Box to the address provided. A proof of the Black Box request will be sent by email. At the time of posting at the post office, an email with the tracking code will be sent to monitor the transport.

Each Black Box is made up of 1 wall frame; 1 Letter (customized from Black Moon); 1 to 5 celebration bracelets (depending on the number of partners in the corporate structure).

8. What is the shipping deadline for Black Boxes?

The deadline for shipments in Brazil is up to 5 days from the request date, and, for international shipments, up to 15 days after the request.

9. What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital assets, organized here in art collections that tell part of our story and that can deliver real-world experiences. The same work of art that was once framed and placed on the wall, now, thanks to the Blockchain (a decentralized technology that allows transactions and transfers of assets among people), also exists in the digital universe, with a certificate of authenticity and ownership. Files are safe on a universal platform, Solana, where NFTs are hosted with complete security.

10. Where do I find my NFTs?

All NFTs created by Hotmart will be available in your wallet within the Hotmart app.

11. Can I transfer my NFTs to other platforms or other people?

No. Your NFTs were stored inside your wallet in the Hotmart App, but they also keep their registration inside Solana, the platform on which they were created and where all the ownership records and authenticity recognition are found. However, you can transfer your NFT to other people only within the Hotmart App, thus granting the ownership of your NFT to other holders. You are not allowed to sell your NFTs on other marketplaces.

12. Where can I earn NFTs from Hotmart?

Hotmart has a single ongoing program where you can earn NFTs, which is the Hotmart Journey. However, there is also the possibility that, in special events or actions, Hotmart will provide an exclusive collection or activation of the distribution of NFTs.

13. What does the Hotmart Stars track offer?

Hotmart Stars is a performance track that takes into account customer results over a 12-month period. While Hotmart Legacy offers exclusive rewards, Hotmart Stars focuses on memorable meetings and experiences.

14. How to access the Hotmart Legacy track regulation?

The complete regulation is available here.

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