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Creating classes on Hotmart Club

Hotmart Club, Hotmart Members Area, allows the Producer to create different classes to have access to your content. This way, she will be able to attach different modules to a specific group of students, changing the content that is being offered. This group can be composed according to a specific offer set up by the Producer, by users added manually, or a standard class, where all users who didn’t get to the product through an offer from other classes will be directed to.

Important:a Standard Class is automatically created for all members area. There, all buyers of the product will be placed if they don’t wish to segment their classes.  

To set up a class, just follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Hotmart Club account. 

2. On you Members Area Manager, click on Classes

3. On the upright corner, click on New Class

4. Enter the name of the Class.

5. If you choose to attach the Class to an Offer, remember that it should have already been created within the product’s settings. The options of the offer will feature as follows and you only need to select the option you want:

If the offer you select is already attached to another class, the following pop up will feature confirming the change in class. 

Click OK. 

6. Finally, you need to choose if you want this Class to be your Standard Class, just click “Yes” and confirm. 

All set! Your class is ready!

Learn how to manually add users through the user manager and to change the content of each class. 

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