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What service fees does Hotmart charge?

At Hotmart, you can create your account, upload your digital products, and start using the tools to market and sell them without having to make any initial, monthly, or annual investments.

That means you only pay when you make a sale. Hotmart charges a service fee for each approved transaction. It includes two fees: the Intermediation Fee and the License Fee. 

These fees are charged only after a product is sold. When the transaction is approved, these fees are deducted from the final value of the product sale. So, there will be a discount on the final amount the seller will receive, including:

  • Intermediation Fee: varies according to the product's price and the currency. It will be charged in all approved transactions to pay for Hotmart's intermediation service;
  • License Fee: this is a fixed amount that varies according to the commission currency. It will be charged on all approved transactions to pay for Hotmart's license to use. 

Such fees have different rules and are defined by the transaction currency and total amount. In regard to the amount of the transaction, they can be classified as general transactions or microtransactions. Here's what that means: 

General transactions: all transactions that have a higher value than those characterized as microtransactions, as shown in the table below. In addition, they have the rules defined according to the commission currency.


Microtransactions: these are low-value transactions. Fees for these transactions are different from general transactions. Here, the amounts are related to the value of the price, transaction, or commission, that is, according to the currency used in the payment of the purchase and/or commission. 

So, the rules of microtransactions depend on the currency used in the purchase and the currency in which the commission will be paid, following two main rules:


1. Microtransactions where the purchase currency is the same as the currency used for commission.

Products priced in Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and Pounds (GBP) are considered microtransactions when the value of the product is less than or equal to 15 USD / EUR / GBP. So, the fees will vary according to the table below:


In this case, product prices in Brazilian Reais (BRL) are considered microtransactions when the transaction value is less than or equal to 10 BRL. The fees will be defined according to the table below:


2. Microtransactions in which the currency of purchase is different from the currency used on commission payment.

In this scenario, if the transaction is carried out in a currency other than those mentioned above, and the commission is also not paid in the same currency as the purchase, the transaction amount is converted into US dollars (USD) to perform the calculations, according to the rule and values presented in the table below:


Note: in all scenarios, the value considered does not include taxes and interest.

Hotmart's Streaming service has an activation fee of EUR/USD 1.49 or BRL 2.49 for each approved sale.


Hotmart Video Player Activation Fee

With Hotmart's Members Area Video Player, you can upload your videos in .mov, .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .mp3 and .wmv formats. In addition, your students can watch your course on TV through the Hotmart smart TV app.

For products in Subscription format, an amount of EUR/USD 1.49 or BRL 2.49 will be deducted in the first transaction, and EUR/USD 0.30 or BRL 0.50 for the following transactions. But remember: Hotmart only charges these fees when a sale is approved.


Withdrawal fee

When you make a withdrawal of a commission, you'll be charged a fee that depends on the amount you intend to withdraw.

To cover bank fees, a withdrawal fee will be charged to your Hotmart balance. This will occur whenever you withdraw your commission. To learn more about this fee, read our article on How to withdraw my commission.

If you have any questions related to fees, please open a request for our Customer Support team with the subject HOTMART FEES.

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